Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Identity mis-management at Comcast

I'm a Comcast broadband internet customer so this really struck a cord with me when I saw it on our local TV station tonight: Comcast client finds password on work order. Not just once, but a different technician came back a few weeks later on a different job and there was the client's account and password listed on the work order - again.

We get told, advised and taught to protect our passwords, change them frequently and be aware of the potential for identity theft. We also trust that our passwords are secure.

What the heck is Comcast up to? Clearly, my password is not secure. If Comcast technicians have your account and password information printed on work orders who else has access?

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Michael said...

Hey I was looking around on Blog search to see if anyone else picked up on the Comcast password story and came across your blog. I really am bugged that Comcast says they don't release the information. Because if this is happening by accident then I hate to see where else you can find my login info.
PS you should check out Iwantmyess.com we also follow a lot of the security and personal info misuses.

Unknown said...

I'll definitely check out the site you mention. I'm hoping to see more pick up of this troubling issue, too.

Michael D said...

Yea, I am not getting my hopes up lately there are just so many lapses in security that go unpunished aside from the news' brief finger wagging.