Friday, December 29, 2006

SDM Software's new group policy product

My friend, Darren Mar-Elia (pictured on the right), who is one of the true experts on Group Policy out there, has just released his GPExpert GPHealth Reporter product. GPHealth Reporter provides a number of benefits including: giving quick access to Group Policy processing information and results; calling out potential problem areas and providing guidance on how to deal with them; and alerting you to critical errors with a “green or red” health status.

Darren has not only included support for Vista in this product but he has also added some of the nice touches that I know AD administrators will really appreciate like: Group Policy processing time, slow link and loopback status, RSOP and group policy reports and exporting reports to PDF or Excel files.

Keep an eye on Darren’s site. He’s a smart guy and I know will be releasing more great products in 2007!

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